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Michael resides in New York City, where he leads the Playbook Advisors charge in all things city & government. With a strong relationship with the Dept of Education, he is all too familiar with rules, regulations, and protocol. 
Growing up with a Dominican heritage, Michael uses his free time excerising the popluar past time of salsa dance and latin ballroon. 


Brit has been able to masterfully network the worlds of brand partnership, both in and out of food and beverage. Having a background in influencer management, her network runs vast, which polished her touch in brand relations. Since, Brit has been in F&B management and contractually recruited over 100's of team members and talent, knowing how to get the best out of people and keep retention.


Wil, being fluent in 3 languages, and with an upbringing in Brazil, keeps his passion for service fresh. His organization in liaising teams during builds, pre- opening, and opening day turns the normalcy of chaos into a controlled strategy. Wil's resources run deep, having been a part of coordinating multiple high profile projects with endless 3rd party contributors.


With over 20 years experience in operations, Cory loves the thrill and pulse of food and beverage. Corey has directed events in collaboration with BBC, Ragin Cajun, and Hennessey's at major venues and shows. Often, you can find him deep in the lab creating cocktails and working behind the bar. With insight onto customer trends, Cory keeps a fresh and relevant POV to share with clients and colleagues in the industry.


Farla's focus on marketing strategies and developing concept branding comes from building  cohesive & authentic brands. ​ With 10 years of biz-dev work, she is skilled in delivering a pristine visual foundation to maximize brand awareness, increase customer retention, and achieve targeted revenue goals.  By using a collaborative approach to craft innovative designs, a solid visual foundation is established to effectively communicate your brand's unique story.


Chef Mikey Segerstrom is classically trained and progressive as a chef, trainer, and artist of menus. Responsible for the meteoric growth of groups like Blackhouse Hospitality (Little Sister, Wildcraft, Abigaile's) Mikey was revered as the operator who increased the group's reach from location 1 to 10 locations. Chef Mikey has been able to digest a concept vision and produce menus to impress guests for clients for years.

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Howard is our go-to financial wizard, licensed CPA, and strategic mind behind most projects involving mergers, acquisitions, and complex financial negotiations. A NYC resident, Howie makes frequent commutes from New York and China, absorbing all the culture possible.



A blank canvas is where Amy thrives most. From multiple original live productions, numerous brands, an award winning short film, two books, and multiple restaurant + bar concepts, her happy place is bringing originality & cohesion, sparking and keeping the interest of her audiences. Amy thinks outside the box while simplifying, organizing, and producing ideas your customers will want to return to. 

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